By Shayla Black and Lexi Black
We gave this a B- but thought it was a fun read. It's a five star read at Amazon from over 170 readers. Here's what AAR's Shannon wrote:
When Gabriel Bond learns of the sudden death of his long-time friend Maddox Crawford, he's more than a little surprised. Sure, he and billionaire Mad have been feuding recently, but Gabriel was sure he'd have the rest of their lives to set things right. Now though, Mad is dead, and Gabriel finds himself at the top of the list of suspects. Everly Parker has been groomed by Maddox to be the next rising star of his company. She likes to think she and Maddox were friends, even if no one else believes this. Maddox was nothing if not a playboy, and rumors have spread fast and furiously about Everly being his latest mistress. When she receives a mysterious letter, soon followed by a text message hinting that Maddox's death was not an accident, Everly is determined to get to the bottom of what happened to her friend and boss. Maybe then, Gabriel Bond, the new CEO of the company, will start viewing her as more than the woman who lured Maddox away from his pregnant fiancée.

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