By Theresa Romain
A titleless heiress. A secret identity. And the one man who could ruin it all. Heiress Augusta Meredith is tired of stirring up gossip wherever she goes, so she escapes to Bath masquerading as a charming young widow in the hopes of taking a lover with no one the wiser. But when sardonic, darkly handsome Joss Everett arrives from London, her charade may be over before she has a chance to spread her wings. Augusta persuades Joss to keep her secret in exchange for a secret of his own. Weaving their way through the treacherous pitfalls of a polite world only too eager to expose and condemn them, they begin to see that being true to themselves is not so bad...as long as they're true to each other. Caz says this DIK from 2015 is a terrific read – poignant, tender, funny and sexy by turns. Ms. Romain’s writing is intelligent and laced with wit and humour; and the book is peppered with some truly beautiful, yet understated prose.

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