By Leslie Kelly
We gave this a B. Our reviewer wrote:
This book is a fine example of the small town romance, and if it has a series romance feel, Leslie Kelly was writing them exclusively until very, very recently. The gossips come to love and include Emma in their lives after feasting on her. Everyone realizes she and Johnny are perfect for each other, and nudge them together. Events from high school play a huge role in the characters' lives. Emma and Johnny pick up like they've been apart a month instead of ten years. And the sex they had as teenagers was mind-blowing, although now it is even hotter (there must be something in the water in small towns, that 17-year-old virgins are such expert lovers). If you're fan of the small town romance, I recommend this book; it's got all the usual elements. If you're not a fan, this is not the book that will convert you...because, well, it's got all the usual elements. Clearly I'm somewhat of a fan.

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