By Teresa Medeiros
This was a DIK for us. Our reviewer wrote:  
It has been a while since I’ve encountered such wonderful characters. They felt like old friends of mine, and that doesn’t happen often. They played off each other perfectly and I was as taken with Simon (who is quite the delicious hero) as the heroine was. The love scenes are steamy and while the overall sensuality rating is warm, it crosses the line towards hot a time or two. The dialogue is funny, smart, witty, and more, although readers who are sticklers for historical accuracy might find it too modern. That was never a problem for me, and only enhanced my feeling of familiarity with these characters. It’s also refreshing (and rather comforting) to see ideas that romance readers have certainly encountered before – a sexy rake who’s been hurt and a fiery Scot who wants to return honor to her clan – turned into something unique and captivating in the hands of a great author.