By Sherryl Woods
We gave the audiobook of this a B+. AAR's LinnieGayl wrote:
Dinah knows Cordell only as a troublemaker from their teenage years. When she discovers him lounging in a hammock in front of his home, she assumes he’s never done anything with his life; bad assumption. Cordell has developed a successful restoration business, and is currently working on restoring a plantation Dinah’s mother is involved with. When Dinah asks Cordell for help finding Bobby, all he’ll tell her is that Bobby’s out of town. Cordell doesn’t want Dinah anywhere near his brother, first, because his brother is engaged to another woman, but, more importantly, because Cordell has feelings for Dinah himself. Dinah feels a strong attraction to Cordell, but fights it, convinced that she needs the peace Bobby could offer her, rather than the danger she’s convinced Cordell would offer. I liked the slow development of Dinah and Cordell’s relationship, and his recognition of her serious emotional problems. I wasn’t sure that I liked Dinah at first, but as I learned more about her, I came to like her a great deal.

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