By Kristan Higgins
Our publisher adores this book--we think she has the hots for Levi. AAR's LinnieGayl gave it a B. She wrote:
I adore Levi, and enjoyed learning he’s so much more than the former bad boy. He’s been looking for a solid family of his own for years, but the woman he married while in the military left him, and his mother died soon afterwards. He’s struggling to do what’s right for his sister, now a college freshman, but it isn’t easy. His relationship with his sister is complex and admirable, and his longing for a real relationship heartwarming. Things don’t seem promising for a relationship between Levi and Faith, but there’s been a strong sexual spark between them for years, and they’re repeatedly thrown together. Their relationship takes time to build, and Jeremy, now the town’s perfect doctor, is a constant reminder to Faith of her bad judgment about men, and to Levi that he’ll always be Faith’s second choice.

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