By Kristina McMorris
People love this book. RT gave it a starred review and it's a four star read at Amazon. Our reviewer Kristen wrote on her blog,
I loved this book! This story was so much more than Alcatraz (although those parts were fabulous as well!). A majority of the book leads us to what was hinted at in the prologue. From the intriguing beginning to the last page, I was 100% enthralled by this novel. I hated that I’d have to go to work, because don’t they know I need to know what happens with Shan?! A saga spanning decades, with each new chapter and each new year, the characters grew on you more and more. I loved all of them because I grew with them. With all of their changes, their hopes, their choices. It all made for an incredible story. And Shan is my favorite.

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