By Courtney Milan
This novella--free!--is a DIK for us.
In Ms. Milan’s latest novella, also a marvelous piece, the heroine, Serena Barton, is forced to have sex against her will. Her experience leaves her pregnant, ashamed, and determined to make her rapist, the Duke of Clermont, acknowledge both his crime and his unborn child. The Duke, a weak and morally bereft man, has no intention of doing any such thing. He asks the man who handles all his affairs, the fearsome Hugo Marshall, to silence Serena.The Governess Affair tells their story and does so with splendor and insight. Three months ago, Serena was working as a governess for a family whom the Duke of Clermont came to visit. The Duke came to her room one night, forced himself on Serena, took her virginity, and left her pregnant. Serena feels complicit in her own rape because she didn’t fight him. Now, Serena is determined to regain her sense of herself and her life. As she says, “I am done with things happening to me. From here on out, I am going to happen to things.”