By Susan Wiggs
This is an A- read for us. We wrote:
Talk about a nonstop read! There were so many twists and turns in this story that I couldn't put the book down for wanting to discover how everything would come out. The characters drew me right in from the first page. Hunter is an anguished man, tortured by what might have been and teased by what could still be, and ready to crawl into the first bottle that presents itself. Yet he has an innate decency and a sardonic sense of humor that serve to balance his darker side very effectively, so the reader never quite gives up hoping for him. Eliza is a true innocent, guileless as she faces a world she knows nothing about. There's a tough side to her, though, and she refuses to quit when she's set a goal, whether it's taming a hurt animal, showing love to Hunter's children, or reaching out to their father.

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