By Sandra Hill
We gave this an A-. Readers say it's lots of fun. In our DIK review we wrote:
The Love Potion suffers from almost an embarrassment of good characters. Luc is fantastic. He’s a sexy bad-boy with a kind heart and a wonderful sense of humor – I adored him from the beginning. I’ve always thought that Sandra Hill did better with her heroes that her heroines, but I could not complain about Sylvie. I’ve suffered from shyness myself and empathized with her. The supporting characters were almost too much of a good thing. Luc’s brothers, Remy and Rene and his half brother Tee-John almost stole the show – they each deserve a book of their own. Luc’s eccentric aunt kept me in stitches. She is dying to see him married and has even started a hope chest for him. She also keeps praying to St. Jude (the patron of hopeless causes) so Luc will find the right woman. The action is fast, and the love scenes are wonderful. Sandra Hill knows when to describe and when to to allow the reader to use her imagination. Descriptions of Cajun culture are deftly woven into the story. Luc is a Cajun, Sylvie is a Creole, and the clash of cultures and personalities between his family and hers adds cayenne pepper to an already spicy story.

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