By Loreth Anne White
This is a DIK for us. It's the most satisfying romance Ms. White has written and, as usual, the suspense is intense. Here's what AAR's Dabney wrote:
The Slow Burn of Silence is an excellent read on many levels. The book is a gripping mystery. Ms. White fills her books with a host of richly developed characters, all of whom have secrets. The varying voices are well done--I especially liked the nuanced portrayal of the women married to the men who had condemned Jeb nine years ago. These are wives who love their husbands and children and who protect their families in ways that are poignant and sympathetic. The mystery loses a bit of its hold in the last third of the book when it becomes obvious who really behaved monstrously nine years ago but, though the mystery ebbs, the suspense continues to build. Rachel, Jeb, Quinn and others in Snowy Creek are in genuine danger and Ms. White spins out the tension until the last chapter. The Slow Burn of Silence is also a damn good romance. Rachel and Jeb are hot together, but, the past they share is difficult for them--especially Rachel--to move past. Their relationship is made more complicated by Quinn who instinctively trusts Jeb without knowing who he is. It's easy for Rachel, once she believes in Jeb's innocence, to fear Quinn being taken away by her father. For his part, Jeb treads carefully with Quinn, knowing that if his plan fails, he'll do her no favors by claiming her as his own. It's hard to write stand alone romantic suspense where both the romance and the suspense make my pulse pound. The Slow Burn of Silence is such a book.

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