By Susan King
This got an A from us. Our reviewer wrote:
It is hard to describe the depth of this story and do it justice. Sebastian and Alainna are very much alike. They both are very prideful people, conscious of their duty. Each is torn by duty and their desire, because they do desire one another, very much. Alainna is a strong heroine and an artist, a stonecarver. Her work is her solace; her responsibility as leader of her clan is one she takes very seriously. Sebastian is an honorable man, and is somewhat at a loss with the Scottish customs and beliefs, especially their belief in the Stone Maiden, the protector of Clan Laren. The description of the Scottish warrior-poet is the heart of this story. The author does an amazing job conveying the place of the bard as the center of clan life. Poetry and stories are told each evening, which bring the Norman warriors into the heart of the clan. Some of the emotion contained in the verses brought a tear to my eye. The strange mixture of Catholicism and paganism contained within medieval Scottish beliefs is also well described. Both Sebastian and the reader cannot help bu

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