By Danelle Harmon
Did you know you can search AAR by series (it's incomplete but we are adding to our database every week.) We've reviewed four of the five books in The De Montforte Brothers Series by Danelle Harmon and gave them three As and one B. Right now the first book is free. The Wild One (here's our DIK review) We wrote:
I greatly enjoyed this book. I’ve been a fan of Ms. Harmon’s for quite some time now, but I feel The Wild One is her best work to date. The characters are real and vibrant, with plenty of emotion, sexual tension, and a genuine commitment to each other. Gareth is a wonderful hero – not at all perfect but a wonderfully big-hearted, sensitive boy/man. Juliet is a perfect heroine – a combination of strength and vulnerability without alternating between shrew and wimp like many historical heroines. There is fantastic sexual tension between these two characters, and by the time they finally get to truly consummate their marriage – whew! There’s a scene that will make it impossible for the reader to ever look at an ordinary table the same way again.

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