By Bijou Hunter
Gritty. Raw. Sexy. A B+ read. We wrote:
This isn’t a pretty story. The language is crude, the sex is graphic and the setting is as far removed from glamorous as one can get. But this is an amazing romance. The sex goes from meaningless coupling to actual love-making very quickly. Sydney and Bo care about each other and like each other, even when their relationship isn’t meant to be anything more than a hooker/john affair. They fall into love in a sort of bemused fashion, neither having expected it and initially, neither accepting that the feelings are as strong and as real as they are. When people say silly things like “I would trade everything I have for a love like that” what Bo and Sydney have is what they mean. Their connection is strong, visceral, and life-changing. They’re the Romeo and Juliet of the trailer-park set.

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