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One of the first Regency authors I fell in love with – and I wish was still writing – is/was Liz Carlyle. Shortly after I discovered her – I realized her books were all connected! And that Oyster.com had all of them in their collection! I think I spent 2 weeks reading through her catalog non-stop. Sigh. Oyster books – I miss it!

Anyway, I vaguely remembered one of her stories about a failed elopement to Gretna Green and its after effects. I believe the book is http://www.lizcarlyle.com/books_connected.html featuring Merrick MacLachlan & Madeleine, Lady Bessett. It’s excellent – but then, I think all her books are. This particular story is linked to her MacLachlan family/friends series – and it was one of my favorites. AAR gave it a B – here’s the review: http://allaboutromance.com/book-review/three-little-secrets/

If you haven’t discovered Carlyle – stop what you’re doing and start reading her. You won’t regret it!