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Pop Tart
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Even though I could never in a million years pass for a boy, or maybe because of this fact, I will give a second look to any “chicks in pants” stories.

Goes back to one of those Coventry Regency romances where a girl twin poses as her brother who doesn’t want to be a soldier. She’s horse mad and active and he’s kind of not, but his father insists that he go into the military. She takes his place when he’s sent to a base in Canada!. She does pretty well but another officer and friend of the family begins to suspect and love ensues. The brother eventually shows up and has to dress as a woman (shades of THE MASQUERADERS, also a longtime fav and read around the same time). I read this years ago and have always wanted to find it again, to no avail.

I also like books (in any genre) that have to do with the President or presidential family. Royalty books are good too.