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I think some of the article is valid, especially on the issue of “due process,” though it tends to reduce an entire generation to cultural attributes. Where is the class analysis, I wonder? What about students struggling to get to college on scholarships and massive student loans? I teach a range of students and not all of them are comfy middle and upper-class cry babies. Some of them are, but there is much variety in student body population.

Is rape still a problem at campuses today? Yes, and that includes date rape too. As faculty, I get to set the campus safety reports annually, as do all college employees, and date rape is still assumed to be quite under-reported. We lived in a society that historically re-victimized victims of assault, and so now we’re a society trying to be very cautious about not doing that. The author here seems angry and lacks compassion to me on this issue. I disagree with the author that there is “hysteria” taking place on this issue though it suits his article I suppose to be hyperbolic. What he calls hysteria, some would call education. How do we teach our young men to respect women and how do we teach young women to be careful when they go off on their own? I’m raising a 12-year old girl and worry about her safety. Here in Portland, OR, where I live, a friend of a friend just lost her daughter, Haruka Weiser, who went off joyfully this past fall to University of Texas in Austin and was raped and strangled her first year walking home from class at night. Google it and see, as we had the great misfortune to make national headlines. So, is it hysteria to worry and plan for possibilities? Not at all. Should rape culture be discussed with entering students. Absolutely!

Racism and “academic nuance”…Contrary to the author here, I do think there are distinctions among words such as “discrimination,” “prejudice,” “bias,” and “racism” and these distinctions boil down to how to differentiate between individual grievances and collective forms of domination of one group over another group. It’s not imaginary or in our heads that certain demographic groups in our country have been the object of discrimination and lack social and economic power.

Wage discrimination – are students taught that across the board all women automatically make 70 cents to every dollar a man makes? No. Is wage discrimination a real thing? Yes. Do women understand gender discrimination in the workforce based on real and actual experiential knowledge. Yes.

Ultimately, there is too much reduction going on with very complex issues that need much more than a paragraph in which the author spits out “feminism” and “identity politics.” Clearly he has an agenda, but it’s just not one I share.