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Maggie Boyd
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I’m very sorry about your friend’s daughter. I know that I have lost several people to violence and it is horrific every time. However, that doesn’t serve as proof that campuses are rife with rapists. It does prove what most Americans know – we live in a violent country, a place where children are snatched from their homes, people are shot while asking for directions, and going to a night club might be the last thing you ever do. We need to work together to end this and I believe the author was pointing out how that is happening less now than it ever has before.

I found the article very well balanced and intriguing. I think he explained his position eloquently, especially in the following quotes:

To the social justice advocate of our time, conclusions are not contingent on facts; rather, facts are contingent on conclusions.

What I am talking about so far is not meant to discredit feminism or any social justice position that seeks to empower oppressed people or remedy social ills. As I made abundantly clear to begin with, these are fundamentally good and necessary goals. What is the issue here are the tactics used by some from a purported place of moral high ground to immunize themselves from criticism while promoting a close-minded authoritarian vice-grip on society through chillingly sinister tactics.

I also think that any anit-millennial sentiment that I have read tends to come from academics studying them as a group and backing their points with sound research. Most others approach them with indulgence, which may very well be why this generation feels the need not to vote or participate in a rational way in the national discussion. They had made their position clear on Brexit or Bernie and had expected the world, as a it always did, to make sure they got their way. What an ugly surprise to realize that in the real world it is not enough to shout down your opponent and call them names – you actually have to do something like vote. You actually have to add the numbers up so that they come to a real number and don’t include hopes and dreams as denominators. Several wrote on the privilege that Bernie supporters feel and why that influences their Bernie or bust voting. My favorite article is http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/06/05/the-white-entitlement-of-some-sanders-supporters.html And it has been discussed ad nauseam how the young didn’t turn out for the vote in England and that changed the outcome of a referendum that will affect their lives for years to come. IMO, the Western world considers itself entitled to everything and has only recently realized that our entitlement is not an evolutionary one but one granted to us by the hard work of people who came before us. The Civil Rights generation was spit on, beaten, jailed and killed for their opinions. This group sees a crucial vote coming up dealing with many of the same issues at the heart of it and says, “If my candidate isn’t chosen I just won’t go.” They won’t walk out the door and to a voting booth to prevent a man with misogynistic, racist, anti-freedom-of-the-press policies from taking office. Sorry but I find a lot to judge them for in that.

And perhaps it is anti-woman but I don’t believe in taking a woman’s word on rape as opposed to vigorous police investigation. Overturning the idea of innocent until proven guilty, in even the littlest instance, will destroy a justice system which is already teetering on a dangerous precipice.