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My post here is not so much a reaction to the original post and related article, but a continuation of a point I was making on the Brexit thread which seems to be winding down. However, I think it is actually very pertinent in this thread.

I have spent some time discussing college curriculum and administration found on today’s college campuses and why I believe them to be detrimental to racial unity. Of course, everyone is entitled to disagree with my opinion. However, I thought it might be important to bring to the attention of people reading this (the Brexit) thread that what I had believed to be a methodology or movement confined to college campuses, is seeping into the teaching theory and curriculum at the K-8 level. This K-8 school in Manhattan is segregating students of color into safe spaces and teaching the white children the “theory” of white privilege.

I just read this article today.

I hope you will take special note of the white parent’s reactions in this article, and the fact that they do not wish to be identified for fear of being labelled.

I have never claimed that discrimination has not been a part of history nor that it exists today. But there must be a better way to address that problem than the solution described in this article which is a miniature version of the one being practiced on today’s campuses.