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The only problem that I see with the research above is jumping from economic insecurity and an extremely competitive job market to moral assumptions about people who rely economically on family after college. For instance, I’m considered Gen X, and growing up I heard continuously that we were the slacker generation, cynical and unmotivated, etc.. After college I moved back in with my parents for one year while I got my bearings. I lived with a couple of different roommates after that as I struggled on scholarships and teaching assistantships to earn my degrees. The stats above use the word “struggling,” and given the rising costs of higher education, the crisis of student loan debt, an economically anemically coming out of what we’ve been told repeatedly is the worst recession since the Great Depression, is it a surprise that young people turn to family in the short term? As with past generations, I feel confident that if the economy continues to improve and if we can help ameliorate the tremendous student debt issue, young people will find their way. To blame young people right now for the economic problems they are facing and the world we are living in seems wrong-headed thinking to me.