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@Chrisreader and Blackjack: If it makes either of you feel any better, I definitely can be a grumpy too, but I am a Boomer(!) who has lived through several cycles of our nation’s personality(?) now, this current one with its incivility, unwillingness to compromise (Congress, I mean you) or just agree to disagree, and overweening social media that has taken the place of real human contact in way too many ways is a bummer.. Since I lived through protests for Civil Rights, VietNam and Feminism in the late 60s-early 70s, the hatefulness displayed at political party rallies now just turns my stomach.

Oh, and I forgot to say I agree with what you both wrote. Thank you.

And Blackjack, I had to laugh when you mentioned too much use of cellphones and such because I had just read the heroine’s rant about cellphones in the book I’m reading now, and she expressed so much of what I had been thinking for some time. Since you said you liked this author, do read Neanderthal Seeks Human.