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Elaine Smith said

the public have spoken in a legal and democratic vote. Why is this not democracy working?

This is my feeling too. I am not in the UK so obviously didn’t vote, but I am a little annoyed at how the rest of the world is treating the result of, as Elaine says, “a legal and democratic vote”. If you look at the breakdown of voting percentages all across England, the only place in the entire country “remain” got more than 50% of the vote was right around London. Every other place voted for exit. That must say something about the feelings of the people who voted. There wasn’t a geographical split with one half of the country voting one way and another half voting another. I get that a lot of people in the media and the media itself didn’t want this verdict, but it’s the decision of the people who live there. I personally don’t think the majority of the country was “duped” or is so foolish they don’t know their own minds.

When Scotland voted against leaving the U.K. last year no one online was crying that the voters were duped, or dumb or whatever. Everyone respected the decision.