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KND said:

I am married to a Northern Irish man and lived there for quite some time, and my professional life is tied to the peace process in several ways, so I have significant concerns about the callousness with which the border is being treated by everyone but the Irish government

Are you referring to the ROI’s government? Or to the government in the north of Ireland? Sorry, I haven’t been keeping abreast lately, for I am pretty much glued to the sports channel once Wimbledon starts. Not to mention the Euro football.

If there are stats on age, demographics, etc., in reference to the vote, I’d like to see a stat on how many Protestants voted to remain vs Catholics who voted to leave, and vice versa. My guess is that the majority of non-Catholics in N.I voted to remain. But as for an “united, free Ireland”? I can only say that I am glad I no longer live in a an atmosphere that is still polluted with religious bigotry, despite the Peace Accord.