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The biggest block of “remain” votes was Scotland with 5.4 million people. Ironically there is now talk about Scotland considering a vote for independence again, because most of the population of the U.K voted for independence from the E.U.

Just for the record, Scotland has said all along since the very start of Brexit chatter that it wanted to remain in the EU, and that if an actual UK vote resulted in a Leave result, a second referendum would be the result. It has been in the news all along.

Another interesting take on this whole thing is that London, which is far more diverse than many rural parts of England, voted to Stay. I’d be curious to see three other breakdowns of votes: how close the vote was in other major cities, how the cities combined compared with rural areas, and how their North vs the South of England votes compared.

On a completely different topic, I wish we still had the preview feature like the old board, That and editing function are two of my top wishes.