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elaine smith
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I live in England.. And I am American by birth who has lived in England for 37 years and have dual nationality so I am also following the US elections closely. Let’s try this scenario:

Imagine that a new organisation is born, called the Americas Union (AU). It starts out with the concept that there should be tariff-free trade amongst member states. Good idea! Then, over the years, some have a different vision: political union, common foreign policy, an AU army, a seat at the top table in the UN, completely free movement of people between member states and an appointed ruling AU Commission. Let’s say that the AU Commission is the ONLY body that can put forward legislation. Although there is an AU Congress, it can only vote to approve or amend the Commission’s proposals. It can’t draft or present legislation. Let’s now imagine that members of the AU must allow AU laws to trump national laws, with significant fiscal fines if member nations don’t enact them. Let’s now turn to the courts. Let’s have an AU Court which is the ultimate authority with the power to over-turn the highest courts in each member nation. Perhaps the US Supreme Court justices would like that! And let’s insist that all members of the AU have to adopt a Human Rights Act that means, in the end, you can’t deport terrorists, rapists, murders and other undesirables because they have the right to family life, etc. After all, the UK could not deport a man who claimed the right to family life because he and his girl friend (a lady from another country) had adopted a cat. Yes, a CAT!!! Silly season but some of the nastiest people like Abu Qatada managed to stave off deportation for a long time as he used the Human Rights Act to delay it for years.

How are we liking this so far?

Now, let’s have the seat of power for the AU located in Caracas in Venezuela. And let’s have all member states of the AU have equal status in the organisation so that no nation really has control. Let’s also have a second location for the administration and bureaucracy in, say, Ottawa. Let’s move between Caracas and Ottawa once a month, with all of the associated costs and upheaval . After all, that’s what our model, the EU, does every month. It moves itself between Brussels and Strasbourg in France, just to placate French sensibilities – after all they do shout very loud when they feel slighted. And they really resent English being the common language in the EU. I suppose that Spanish will be the common language in the AU as most member states use it. Now, then,. Let’s have one country, say Argentina, become the most influential country in the AU. Again, our model, the EU, has a strong man: Germany. Well, that’s OK because Germany contributes the most in membership fees every month so should they not have the biggest influence and want all members to see it there way? They can bail out countries, like Greece, and then strangle their sick economy buy imposing harsh measures for repayment of debt.

Good, isn’t it?

OK. Let’s look at free movement of people. Let’s have a member state of the AU, say Panama or Paraguay, which are net recipients rather than net contributors as they have weak economies, full of people who are unemployed, under-skilled, and unhappy decide to leave their homes and move to Canada or the USA, the two richest members of the AU where employment is high and social benefits are generous. Let several million of these people move. Perhaps they will find employment when they enter Canada or the US or maybe they won’t. In any event, they are allowed to partake of the social benefits available under the rules of the AU which were, of course, devised by the unelected members of the AU Commission and not by the AU Congress which does, at least, have elected members. After a while, the composition of cultural make-up of Canada and the US begin to change fundamentally – and all without the consent of those in the recipient nations. Some of the new arrivals will integrate successfully but many won’t. Perhaps they will camp out in the streets of Toronto or Washington like some Romanians do in London. Park Lane looks lovely with their sleeping bags on the pavements!

Let’s look at the bureaucrats running the AU. They get whopping big salaries, tax breaks, housing, transport costs, education costs for their children, incredibly generous pensions and many other perks. And guess what, the AU’s financial statements are, year after year, not signed off by their auditors. Hmmm, interesting, no? And, of course, the member states must all cough up lots of money to finance all of this. And none of the bureaucrats are elected – they are appointed. A commissioner is appointed by each state so it’s a great time to pay off political debts, reward yes-men or get rid of troublemakers. After all, that’s what the model, the EU does. It’s president of the EU Commission, Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, was in terrible trouble as leader of Luxembourg and narrowly escaped prosecution for what he was up to.

OK. Now, the latest thing to look at. A single currency. Let’s have everyone in the AU use the Peso! What a good idea! Let’s all have the same tax policy, a central AU bank and common interest rates and let’s all adopt it irrespective of whether or not a member state’s national fiscal situation is solid or not. We might ruin a few states along the way (rather like Greece) but, hey, it’s part of the vision! And, oh yes, let’s make it against the rules for member states to offer support to domestic industries in crises. After all, if the Welsh steel industry was allowed to go under because the EU rules are stringent on the help the UK can give it, our AU model should surely follow suit. Of course, it’s all in the cause of free competition!

Oh yes, one last thing. Let’s have no trading agreements with any of the top 10 world economies. After all, we’re members who can’t agree and are held back by our dithering bureaucrats and trying, again, to enforce a “one-size fits all” system on our AU members.

Now then, does anyone think the US or Canada would join the AU? Seriously?

OK. That’s all I have to say. I voted Brexit because I’ve had enough. Enough of all of it. I don’t believe that the EU has a long term future. History tells us that nearly all amalgamations of nations fail eventually. And, the UK is not the only nation to have a Leave movement. The UK won’t be the last member state to leave. It’s just the first. As for Ireland – well, no doubt something will be worked out although the IRA isn’t dead and might use Brexit to stir up trouble. Though, let me remind you, Irish nationals living the UK get to vote and were able to vote in the Brexit referendum. Watch this space – it’s early days. And as for Scotland, informed opinion here thinks that Ms Sturgeon won’t call a vote on something she isn’t sure she can win. With oil prices at rock bottom and Scotland a recipient of billions of pounds from the UK central funds via the Barnet Formula, I don’t think she will want to leave and join the end of a queue, probably behind a country like Albania or Serbia, to join the EU. And these days, it is a requirement to join the euro although she kept insisting during the indepencence referendum that she would keep the pound. Not possible, dear lady.

We are soon to have a new prime minister in the UK. it will be a woman. Cheers to that! Now what’s needed is reconciliation, unity, a good exit deal (hopefully) and a look towards all of the opportunities that beckon around the world. Canada, Australia, the US, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, India, Mexico, Brazil – they all should be on our horizon. Let’s stop throwing teddies out of the pram and look to the future, a future, I hope sincerely, without constraints and with our sovereignty restored.