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Anne Gresley
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The reason people are upset about the outcome of this vote is because the winning campaign told many outright lies. We won’t have more money to spend on the NHS. We won’t have fewer immigrants. These were key campaign promises and reason many voted leave. I for one think politicians who lie this way should face criminal charges. They don’t even bother with subtlety anymore.

BTW, I voted remain for many reasons, not least of which is my belief that Brexit will result in the breaking up of the United Kingdom. So much for our precious sovereignty. But really who can blame Scotland? This is not the Britain they voted to stay with. As for Wales, yes they voted to go, but since they’ve realized they are pretty much subsidized by the EU, a lot of them are feeling the morning-after remorse.

I get that many Leavers, like Elaine, stand by their choice, but the margin was so narrow and the vote advisory, not binding. I for one hope our elected representatives in Westminster block the activation of Article 50, which they are well within their rights to do.

I wish I could be more excited about a female PM but I feel like the Tory party have driven this country to the brink. I voted Labour last time while holding my nose because I’m not a fan of Blairite, laissez-faire economy politics, but I’d gladly vote for Corbin, If he can hang on.