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BJ Jansen
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Firstly I’m sorry Elaine, you were right that the numbers have changed on the petition to Parliament, to just over 4.1 million. I found the thousands and thousands who took to the streets of London in protest the other day more incredible, as it is easy to sign something online. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215.

I am very interested in your views regarding the EU and your well thought out analogy. Likewise KND I worry about NI and Scotland too. I am English born and bred, well travelled but have always called England home – I am married to Dutch national, who has residency status in the UK because of the EU, and by virtue of being married to me.

As Anne said many people are annoyed over the Brexit vote because the information, especially regarding ‘immigration’ and ‘£350million to the NHS’, was not just inaccurate but totally untrue. Please do not mention Farage as a positive point. The man is a racist, ignorant fool with airs of grandeur, who resigned as soon as he saw the mess he had caused.

The analogy of an ‘AU’ by Elaine was well thought out, but slightly ironic as America is the UNITED STATES of America and many of the situations regarding the EU are part of the makeup of the USA. You have States who make laws that can be overridden by the Federal Government was just one that leapt to mind, and in several recent cases thank goodness for that!.

The EU is far from perfect and will always need to evolve and change as do governments, but the result of the Brexit vote has been and will be disastrous for the UK. Much has been said regarding ‘sovereignty’ – I do not see the EU as removing British sovereignty rather it uses its influence when laws or ways of doing things in individual states clash with the (many times amended) agreement we all signed up to. Additionally, no Brexit voter seems to remember that laws regarding, maternity leave, paternity leave, health and safety, standards regarding foodstuffs and many more protections we enjoy came from the EU.

Regarding Greece, they didn’t go under because of the Euro or EU tactics as Elaine intimated. They have a culture that simply does not believe in paying back loans regularly or quickly. The amazing fiscal mistakes and debt mismanagement in Greece have been fodder for jokes at the poor Greeks’ expense for over a year now. The EU actually risked its own stability, at a terrible financial time globally, to help Greece.

What about the safety of being part of a police force and security service that exchanges information continent wide? What about research that is intermingled now between European scientists? Plus, the £350 million so oft quoted by Brexit? We get nearly 3/4 of that back in grants and aid to urban developments, transport links, communication projects in rural areas etc. The UK government will now have to finance those AND the NHS.

However, the worst result of Brexit IF it goes ahead and Article 50 is triggered, is that our children and young people will suffer. They want to travel and work throughout Europe. They want the opportunity to go to Universities in Europe. Brexit takes that away from them. University fees will go up for UK students the way we charge overseas students now. Travel will become more difficult and more expensive for them. Health care is no longer covered by the E111 agreement so youngsters will have to pay for health insurance (or their parents will).

A lot of this comes down to mindset. I like being part of Europe and the World, I care about other countries, love their food, am interested in their cultures and even their problems. You mention you haven’t always lived in England and are American by birth…before you claimed dual nationality did you call yourself an immigrant? Why are those who come here from rich nations Ex-Pats, or UK nationals who pack up to have a better life in Spain or France or Italy – Ex-Pats. Yet a Polish or Latvian person coming to the UK for a better life is an immigrant with all that word engenders?

Elaine, you voted in the EU referendum and yet you were born and raised (?) in America. I’m married to a UK resident who has lived here for over 30 years, never claimed any benefits and has always paid the top rate of tax. We have a daughter and we own our own home outright. He couldn’t vote because despite what the EU has said the UK government will not let foreign nationals vote in general elections or referendum. So yes, I voted REMAIN and I am angry. There should not have been a referendum in the first place. We vote for our leaders in the trust that they will do what is best for the country and investigate issues further than we have the time or opportunity to do.

Ooops I’d better stop…