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BJ…A lot of this comes down to mindset. I like being part of Europe and the World, I care about other countries, love their food, am interested in their cultures and even their problems. You mention you haven’t always lived in England and are American by birth…before you claimed dual nationality did you call yourself an immigrant? Why are those who come here from rich nations Ex-Pats, or UK nationals who pack up to have a better life in Spain or France or Italy – Ex-Pats. Yet a Polish or Latvian person coming to the UK for a better life is an immigrant with all that word engenders?

As an American I’m removed from the local and daily politics behind Brexit but I do agree with your reasoning and feel pretty certain I would choose the same. I’m not much of a nationalist and would prefer a more collective identity. You’re correct too that America came together as a loose conglomerate of many divergent states to fashion a co-existence and the negotiation between state laws and a federal one is a constant tension, but in the end most feel its a good tension to have.