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Blackjack, thank you for the review because that series has been on my TBR pile for a while. I’ve never read anything by Nailini Singh as I don’t tend to read paranormal romance, but not sure I want to read these contemporaries now.

I just finished the first 3 books in Samantha Chase’s Shaughnessy Brothers series. There are 5 brothers and 1 sister (I’m hoping she gets a book, too, but she’s so much younger that the book would have to be set well in the future). The base of the family is in North Carolina (my home state!), although it takes place in different locations. The matriarch dies before the series begins, so each book starts with some kind of flashback that gives insight into the hero’s relationship with his mother, which I found really interesting. I think the family interactions are a strength of this story — they seem like a “real” family to me. Each book is a standalone but I’d read these in order because other characters make appearances and events happen in their lives that make more sense when you’ve read their individual stories.