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1. Made for Us (Aidan / Zoe): I thought this was sweet. Aidan is the eldest and a total control freak. He was also a total jerk to the heroine at times and I found it incredibly frustrating because at heart, I think he’s a “good” guy and he’s a pretty beta, all things considered. I definitely liked the heroine more in this story; her mother passes away from breast cancer shortly before the book begins, I really identified with her because I lost my mother to breast cancer last year. This is technically an employer/employee romance because Zoe works as a consultant for him (and he ultimately has the power to fire her if he wanted to), but it didn’t feel like there was any kind of power imbalance. Despite Aidan being a jerk, I felt their relationship was believable and I bought into their HEA because I do think Chase does a good job of helping us understand why Aidan is the way he is and there are enough secondary characters (mostly his father and brothers) making sure he knows he’s being a jerk that he begins to see it for himself. I don’t tend to rate books but I’d give this a good 3 / 5 stars.