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Maggie Boyd
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Timothy Keller is one of the leading voices in Christian theology today. I am going to put a few quotes from an interview he did with Christianity Today here:

I used the term “generous justice” because many people make a distinction between justice and charity. They say that if we give to the poor voluntarily, it’s just compassion and charity. But Job says that if I’m not generous with my money, I’m offending God, which means it’s not an option and it is unjust by definition to not share with the poor. It’s biblical that we owe the poor as much of our money as we can possibly give away.

God’s grace makes you just. The gospel is such that even though you’re not saved by good works, you are saved by grace and faith—and it will change your life and lead to good works. According to the Bible, if you really have been changed by the grace of God, it will move you toward the poor.My definition of justice is giving humans their due as people in the image of God. We all agree that everyone deserves not to be enslaved, beaten, raped, or killed. We are not just talking about helping the poor but helping people whose rights are being violated.

In Romans Paul tells us that God’s name is blasphemed in all the world because of how we behave. Using Matthew 7:6 to justify hatred of others would certainly be an example of dragging God’s name through the mud for something He wouldn’t even support. So, so, so, sad.