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According to UN statistics for 2015, approximately 1.26 million first time applications for asylum were made to the EU. http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/Asylum_statistics Only 29% of those were Syrians, the next largest group were Afghans at 14%, then Iraqis at 10%. The remaining 47% come from various countries throughout Africa and the Middle East (I presume) as well as Kosovo at 5% and Pakistan at 4%. (I actually read a story of a Haitian man who had tried to claim asylum). The report states that more men than women applied, however, it does not give an overall percentage. (I’ve read estimates of 66% to 75%). In the age groups of 14-17 and 18-34, men are 80% of the population. Approximately 29% are considered unaccompanied minors (18 years and younger). (However, I have little faith in that number because I’ve read any number of accounts of men over 18 who claim to be minors because they believe it will help in the dispensation of their case, also minors have better living conditions).

The majority of these folks are not war refugees. They have paid human traffickers thousands of dollars to get into Europe. Many of them were told they would be handed the keys to a house and a car once they reached Germany. Many have left jobs in their home countries. Some have even returned home. If life is so bad in the home countries of these men, why did they leave their women behind? Because they are the stake claimer. Once they can establish themselves, they will send for their family. Or they will send money home. I recently read a story about a migrant in Germany whose family sent him to Europe because he was a ne’er-do-well, and this solved the problem of having to provide for him. These are economic migrants. Perhaps some have seen atrocities, a few may have even committed them.

I’ve watched any number of videos interviewing these men or read articles about them. They don’t like the food, they don’t like the living conditions, they’re bored and they don’t want to wait out the application process. I’ve even heard a few complain that migrant camp life hurts their sex life. There are many documented cases of rapes and sexual assaults of local citizens. They often turn to crime to supplement the allowance that they are given. Drugs are rampant in the camps. Fights often break out amongst the residents (sometimes resulting in property damage). Often, the Muslims intimidate and beat the Christian residents.

Since Calais was mentioned, here are a couple of recent videos from there.

@Clutterconqueror, good points. That is one of the many reasons Brexit won. I’ve heard this united the left and the right concerned about the arrogance and bullying of the EU