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@Eliza, & @Maggie Boyd… thanks for your posts; both reflect a calm that I lack at times, when it comes to issues that I think is a “no-brainer.”

@clutterconqueror… There’s an expression in real estate “10% of Realtors do 90%of the business” So like in any society, there is always going to be a few bad apples that ruin it for those who truly need help. Then again, it’s the flawed system that allows the dishonest to take advantage of loop-holes, be they new immigrants or 10th generation Americans/Brits, or Canadians, etc.

I haven’t watched the attached videos, and nor will I, but as to the men you mentioned in your post who dared voice that living in a refugee camp has affected their sex life– living apart from their wives…I can well imagine, it does create frustration. When my husband’s job takes over our lives, (thrice a year for weeks & weeks at a time) our sex life suffers. And we are both grumpy, because of his hectic schedule.

But why focus on the big bad male? Had a refugee woman been interviewed she, too, would have said something similar…that she missed her husband.. And not just as a breadwinner. Modesty, though, probably would have prevailed and prevented her from stating outright, thT she missed having sex with her husband.

As for taxes….I can only speak to Canada…but any landed, legal immigrant working in Canada pays income tax. And if they want to own their own home, they’ll work 2 &3 jobs to scrimp and save, and then they will have to pay property taxes in addition to forking out income tax $ from their paycheques. So, yes, while some bad apples slip through the burecratic cracks, the majority of us immigrants just want a peaceful life, away from the bigotry, intolerance & violence that plagues our country of origin.