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What you’ve stated above sounds like claims you can make about any group

Yes, but we’re not talking about any group. We’re talking about a group for whom people are jeopardizing their life, their economies, their culture and perhaps their civilization. Things I believe many people hold very sacred. They are doing so for a group of people who are not only unappreciative but very well may bite the hand that feeds them, once their demographic numbers increase.
A modern historical example of this is Lebanon, once considered “the Paris of the Middle East,” it was a majority Christian country after WW2. They opened their hearts to Muslims and paid a very dear price. The country is now only 20% Christian. I was unaware until recently.

Christ gives us many examples of how we are to treat people, especially those who are less fortunate. I was looking for instruction on how not to be taken advantage of by people who would seek to destroy the very precious gifts that not only have people been given but that people have sacrificed to earn. I believe I found that in this verse. Of course, now I can’t find the link to the specific explanation I used in reading this verse to provide that interpretation.

I am no expert in bible verses, but that particular quote is open to wide variety of interpretation, and usually from a Gentile point of view that looks down on others who judged unworthy. Worse, it’s anti-Semitic and without compassion for vulnerable people (of any faith) facing hardship.

Clearly I was not talking of Jewish people, so I don’t think you needed to jump to that conclusion. However, I will apologize because as I was looking for the link with the explanation I was referring to, I did find a site with an explanation that could have been considered an anti-Semitic interpretation of which I was unaware and was not intending.

In Romans Paul tells us that God’s name is blasphemed in all the world because of how we behave. Using Matthew 7:6 to justify hatred of others would certainly be an example of dragging God’s name through the mud for something He wouldn’t even support. So, so, so, sad.

If Christians were only to ever follow the teachings of “turn the other cheek” and “love thy neighbor” without also having direction on what to do against those who would seek to destroy them or take advantage of their generosity, Christianity would have died out long ago. There must be some instructions for that: Jesus said, “be wise as serpents.” (Mathew 10:16) I see people allowing themselves to have an overzealous sense of charity without taking into consideration their own well-being. I think wisdom should be used. I also don’t agree with you that pointing to a bible verse that could provide guidance is justifying hate and “dragging God’s name through the mud.” Muslims are not vulnerable. They have a long history of conquest and they are enjoying a resurgence. Were you aware that their furthest reach into Europe was stopped at the Gates of Vienna on the very important date of September 11-12, 1683? I was not. Were you aware that 100,000 air conditioned tents are sitting unused in Saudi Arabia? They are used during the Hajj, but most of the year they are unused. What I’m stating is that we should beware. I don’t think God would be unsupportive of that, as a matter of fact I believe He advised it.

Hopefully, this reference will be less controversial. The Dalai Lama has said “too many” refugees have been accepted into Europe. “Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country.”