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Maggie Boyd
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Eliza, I just want to quickly state that in terms of the gospels Matthew and John were among the twelve apostles and so their accounts are eyewitness. Mark or sometimes called and known as John Mark, wrote the Gospel of Mark but Papias who was the Bishop (or pastor) of Hierapolis, located near Laodicea and Colossae and an early Apostolic leader of the church, indicates that the Gospel of Mark is actually the testimony of the Apostle Peter and so it’s believed that Peter is the original source for this gospel.
Luke’s eyewitness is believed to have been Mary the mother of Jesus, which is why he includes such detailed information about the time before Jesus’ birth as well as the birth itself. There is much that could be debated about these issues but I don’t want to do that here. I wanted to clear this point up because I had been so brief and hasty in my initial response.

My main point, which I think we would both agree on, is that that phrase was pulled out of context. I just felt its use was inappropriate and wanted to address that. I feel that Christianity holds a different philosophy/take than the one clutterconqueror is representing. We are all entitled to our views, of course, and she is certainly entitled to hers. I’m sure there are many excellent arguments to be made against immigration, I just find the bible a strange place to go looking for them.