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Eliza said:

I myself started with Robinson’s book forty-five years ago but had the far more recent wonderful privilege of meeting the man considered to be the foremost living biblical scholar of our day, John Dominick Crossan, who was a monk for most of his adult life, studying in the Vatican archives and various places in the Middle East.. He later became a professor at DuPaul, and now continues writing and giving seminars in his 80s.. I do hope I get to hear him speak again. He’s not just a wise and knowledgeable man, he’s a living example of the way. I’ve read more than a dozen of his books, and others on early biblical scholarship by people like Kloppenborg, Pagels, Borg, Meyers, Sanders, Vermes and Klausner to name a few. None of these people are “modern-day nay-sayers.” in the least, but instead dedicated, committed scholars, some now passed away, helping for better understanding, most having gone back to original sources where they do exist for comparative translations.

Knowledge new to me is not unsettling at all, nor do I agree with everything I read, but, I do indeed want to know about possible new findings and interpretations. Archeology has been learning more about Nazareth in recent times too.. Since you mentioned a couple of books, I will mention just two. The first is “The Historical Jesus: The Life of a Mediterranean Jewish Peasant” (1991) by John Dominick Crossan which is outstanding in understanding the world and times within which Jesus lived, The other was pubbed 1925 in London by Joseph Klausner, translated from Hebrew by Herbert Danby (Oxford), called “Jesus of Nazareth: His Life, Times, and Teaching.”

I’ll stop there.

Thank you for the book recommendations. Sorry this wasn’t in my earlier post but the boards have been weird about length – sometimes they will take a long post and sometimes they just kick you out for no apparent reason.