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While I’ll agree with a country that wants independence, and a right to self-govern, I cannot get behind rhetoric that points the finger at “others” for its problems.

If you want to make a solid argument, leave race and religion out of the equation. For, really I could drum up thousands of reasons as to why I now live in Canada. My grievance, if I were so inclined to hold a grudge, would be against the damn English Protestants/Royalists who invaded Ireland centuries ago and abused/killed thousand of People who were of the Catholic faith! And “that” war is still going on.

So, like, seriously, stop with rhetoric that uses patriotism/nationalism to excuse bigotry & racism.

No I won’t stop giving my opinion. I’m not here to get you to agree with me. I’m here to give a different perspective. You have your thoughts and I have mine. My goal is to not say your opinion is wrong because you disagree. You disagree and that’s fine

Oh and I’ve not used nationalism to excuse bigotry and racism. It’s assumptions like that which shut down debate.