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@BJ Hansen

I would like to thank @Anne Gresley for being so calm and reasonable with regards to Erika’s view on homosexuality. I do find her views on many things discussed here – uninformed.

For me to respond toErika regarding her comments on homosexuality would maybe unwise, so unusually for me, I am staying stum. Unless further provoked LOL

I did not give a personal view on homosexuality.
But let me do so now since you claimed I did…Kentucky clerk Kim Davis should not have been jailed the bakers should not have been fined the florists should not have been fined.
Freedom means you live your life and I live mine. The first amendment protects that. You want to marry go find someone who will willingly marry you. You want a cake go find someone who will willingly bake it. Don’t force someone to accept who you are. Don’t use the govt to force acceptance. Don’t use the govt to impose acceptance of your sexuality on churches…that’s happening in Iowa…that’s liberty imo….you live your life I live mine you find people who agree with you to perform services and I do the same.