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I’ve really been enjoying your posts, HBO, and I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said, But I wouldn’t go so far as to call Erika’s stance Nazism because there doesn’t seem to be much ideology behind it (or if there is, she hasn’t shown that here). Her comments seem more a result of fear and, at the risk of offending her, ignorance. Her knowledge of World politics in general and UK politics in particular doesn’t seem good, unlike Elaine’s with whom I disagree but who is clearly more knowledgeable.

Erika, obviously you are entitled to your opinions and to express them, but I hope you understand why you’re getting some push-back given that all of the groups you appear to regard as problem groups (homosexuals, refugees, immigrants) have all suffered — and are suffering — oppression.

Just because my opinion is different does not make it less informed.

Yes I expect disagreement. I’m not here to convince anyone their opinion is wrong because they disagree. Unfortunately those who disagree want to do so. Shrugs.

Just about everyone has been oppressed. That’s life in a world that isn’t a utopia