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@Erika: You’re right. Kim Davis shouldn’t have been jailed and fined. She should have been FIRED! Anyone else in a job who refuses to fulfill a major duty would have been. Particularly when it is the law of the land, What happened instead was a media circus IMO. If part of her job was against her religious beliefs, she should have found another one she could do in her own good conscience. Instead there was a workaround for her, that is such a hypocrisy to me, an embarrassment to the country, and offensive to many people with legal rights.

SO…you HAVE now indeed given your view on homosexuality and most likely offended and angered people on this board.

Yes, we have rights in this country, but this country is also supposed to be civilized, but I wonder why you feel the need not just to disagree but to offend or anger other members of this board. Also, with all due respect, I suggest you do more research before stating things out of context or without relevant sources.

Oxford definition of civilized::
1. well organized socially with a very developed culture and way of life
2 having laws and customs that are fair and morally acceptable
3 having or showing polite and reasonable behaviour
—-We couldn’t even have a civilized conversation any more.
4. typical of a comfortable and pleasant way of life