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An elderly relative wishes to buy a cake for your child’s wedding and can only go to the local baker, but luckily they do wonderful wedding cakes – However, the baker doesn’t like Black folk and isn’t too pleased about them marrying, so refuses to sell this nice lady a cake. What would you say then? How would that make the elderly Black Woman feel?

I think you get where I am coming from here. If you go into business to supply cakes or flowers or work at a registry office – you are there to do your job. You are not there to abuse people, judge them or promote your prejudice.

I dislike organised religion intensely. I believe it is religion and prejudice, not money that is the root of all evil. However, you seem to use Christianity to inform your opinion and so I say to you did not your God create all people equal? Were they not created in ‘his’ image? Did your God not say Judge not that ye be judged? So why are you judging, and saying God is wrong?

I never mentioned christianity.

I would not want someone baking a cake for me knowing they don’t blacks. First, I would be suspicious the cake would be poisoned second I wouldn’t want to enrich such a person

My rights ends with me. I would rather enrich a baker who would support who I am. If that means travel then so be it