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I am the reviewer for LGBTQ+ Romance and romantic fiction here at AAR because I believe love is love, and has equal status whoever loves who. All people need romance and beauty. All humans have the right to love and be happy. ALL humans are equal. YOUR constitution believes in equality YOUR constitution abhors prejudice and yet YOU believe that is all wrong when it comes to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

If you believe that discriminating against someone because they are black is wrong – then discriminating against people who love someone you don’t approve of is wrong too.

I am glad this site reviews lgtbq romances. Fyi I used to read some out of curiosity as a lover of romance reading it wanted to see how lesbian romance authors dealt with romance fiction. I stopped cause so many made cartoon villains out of those who didn’t agree with their sexuality. That got annoying to me.

Religious freedom is now considered discrimination. I have a problem with that. Christian business owners face fines and jail for practicing their faith.

I’m a big supporter of you living your life. Some in the lgtbq group want to dictate how I live mine.
Discrimination is a vague word., imo. It can be said religious liberty is discrimination. I think the lgtbq group have gone overboard. It used to be libertarian now it’s you must do what I want.

So, I believe in liberty. You live your life practice your faith and don’t use the govt to force me to agree with that. Don’t like my disagreement then boycott don’t buy my products tell your friends to do the same start a business that competes…that’s liberty it’s cool to me