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Maggie…When I watch the news, even the supposed “liberal media”, what I hear a lot of is criticism of Ms. Clinton. She handled the email situation badly, she’s a liar or incompetent etc. And that’s CNN, not Fox! In the meantime Donald Trump continues to get tons of free publicity and is endlessly on my TV set. I don’t think ads will offset that since how many of us actually watch ads? This election has just been so darn depressing.

I haven’t found the TV press to give Clinton a pass, but I have noticed that since the general election began, most press is harder on Trump. I was aghast during the primaries that he was getting away with saying one thing on Monday and denying he even said it on Tuesday. CNN finally started captioning his press conferences and interviews. Also, I’m a bit more worried about the Internet as the place where 38% apparently get their news. I use the Internet too but I read more or less respected sources. The Internet includes many sources that are highly questionable, including personal blogs that some confuse with credible information.