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Maggie Boyd
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Erika said:

So, I believe in liberty. You live your life practice your faith and don’t use the govt to force me to agree with that. Don’t like my disagreement then boycott don’t buy my products tell your friends to do the same start a business that competes…that’s liberty it’s cool to me

This sounds easy and practical but in reality it is not. For example, not baking someone a cake is hardly a matter of concern but what about medical clinics? If your mother is sick and needs a hospital, should she hope she can hold out long enough to get to the hospital two hours away that serves black people? What about medications – should pharmacists be allowed the same freedoms as a baker and live their life and beliefs by refusing to sell medicine to blacks? Should we include the same for housing and return to a system where black families were forced to live only in certain areas and were denied the opportunity to live where they chose? And jobs – are we allowed to keep them from jobs they are qualified for simply because we think our white clients would prefer to see a white face when they do business with us? There is always a slippery slope and we normally don’t see the danger of it till we’re flat on our back at the bottom of it.

I also don’t see it ending there. We already have racial violence erupting in our country, how will that look if minorities find themselves losing even more of their opportunity for equality?

All the government is doing is asking that you treat the LGBT community fairly. If you sell pizza, sell them a pizza. That in no way condones a life style or violates your religious freedom. It’s a business transaction. Heck, most of us blissfully go about our day doing business with tax evaders, liars, cheating spouses and people who put their non-assistance dog in a collar to let them bring it into a grocery store with them. They all violate my sense of morality but how impractical would it be to say, “Before we go any further, tell me any and all of your moral failings.” If you would sell flowers to a second marriage (divorce is against the rules in Christianity), if you sell flowers to people getting married outside of a church (not before God), if you sell flowers to a pregnant couple (fornication is a sin) then you should sell them to a gay couple. That prejudice isn’t because they offend your sense of morality, it’s just prejudice imo. (FYI, I wouldn’t condone the withholding of services for any of those reasons. I’m just saying that being gay is being singled out when other moral failings under that belief system are not.)