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Sweet Sixteen
Candy Corn – Read a romance set on a farm or in a rural/agricultural area or involving people who work with plants and/or gardening.

Cold-Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas
Most of the story is set on rural Hampshire.
#1 in The Ravenels series.
Devon Ravenel’s cousin, the Earl of Trenear, suddenly died in an accident. Devon inherited the earldom and an estate full of debt. To make things more complicated, the earl left behind three young and unmarried sisters, and a young widow – Kathleen, Lady Trenear. At the beginning, Devon did not want anything to do with the burden of an encumbered estate, tenants, employees and a bunch of destitute female relatives. But as he gets to know his cousins and, more importantly, Kathleen, he starts to realize that he is actually willing to try.
This book was good, but not great. Kathleen and Devon’s attraction and relationship was credible, and the secondary characters were interesting. However, there was too much time dedicated to sequel bait, i.e., the relationship between Mr. Winterborne and Helen, the main couple in the next book in the series… The story was entertaining enough, tough.

Age 16
7. In Belgium, Switzerland and Italy, it is the legal minimum age for a person to purchase any tobacco product
– Read a book set in Europe, or set in China, India and Brazil (top 3 global tobacco producers)

Marrying Winterborne by Lisa Kleypas
#2 in The Ravenels series.
Rhys Winterborne came from humble origins and created a business empire. He is Devon Ravenel’s friend, and meets Devon’s cousins in the previous book. Rhys is immediately attracted to Helen Ravenel, and wants to marry her. Helen looks shy and distant at first, but she is actually a warm, kind woman, and she can be very determinate when she is doing what she believes is right. She is quite willing to marry Rhys, and makes her best effort to make sure he understands that. Perfect, right? Unfortunately, Helen learns a secret about her past that can change everything. Can Rhys and Helen overcome this challenge?
This book was better than the previous one in the series, but was still not a DIK for me. Rhys and Helen spend a lot of time together, and they were clearly right for each other, which was good. But the ending felt rushed and had a series of events that could have be written differently, in my view. Moreover, Rhys was a bit of a rehashed version of other Kleypas heroes, such as Derek Craven and Simon Hunt, so the story did not feel 100% fresh. Nevertheless, it was a good read.