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BJ Jansen
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Eliza posted

Well. So much for reasons other than intolerance to immigrants. 🙁

I finally managed to read the article you linked Eliza I was keen to read it as I recognised the picture as Boston, Lincolnshire (The church is called Boston Stump and it is where pilgrims set out from for their journey on The Mayflower) I live about 20 miles as the crow flies from this small market town. The article does over exaggerate a little, but that is the way of journalism. There have been few if any murders in Boston over recent times – Lincolnshire is a very quiet rural county. However, the influx of Eastern European people coming in to work and live in Boston has caused discontent there for at least the last decade.

The problem is that Lincolnshire has always employed itinerant migrant workers to harvest fruit and veg on the farms. In the past, the workers would all go home, or onto their next job, when the work finished. Over the last decade, they have been setting up home in Boston instead.

Boston is a small town stuck in the past, in a traditional farming area. What the Brexit vote has done is give a mandate to those Brits unhappy with the high numbers of Eastern Europeans in their town to express that dissatisfaction.

However, it takes only a very few racist people acting out to create tension in a small community. This LEAVE campaign deliberately and callously stirred up old dissatisfactions and quoted statistics, now proven to be false that stoked the fears of these people.

I love the variety of accents, languages and foods etc that having a mix of people provides. I was born and bred in London so I know no different and feel it’s the way things should be. Sadly, many people in Lincolnshire have never left Lincolnshire ! Though I find that incredible it makes it easier to understand why they worry about people different from themselves.