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BJ Jansen
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Erika wrote:

The ukip is a serious party.

I’m sorry Erika where do you get your information from? UKIP is a joke. The only reason they are mentioned is that they pursued the ridiculous referendum issue until it had to be included in the Tory manifesto – Oh and having left behind a terrible mess Farage, erstwhile leader of UKIP and an MEP, resigned leaving behind others to clear up his mess. He can now be seen enjoying drinks at parties with his friend Rupert Murdoch, what a treasure.

What do you know about Jeremy Corbyn, his politics or the fact that the UK is ‘socialist -lite’ ?- I believe you said you live in Georgia US.

The only thing you’ve said of any sense is that Trump is a con man. I believe you said you are a libertarian? I suppose that explains why your attitudes are so inhumane and selfish . We will never agree and I dearly hope your particular brand of politics never amounts to much or the world would be in a worse state than it is now.