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@blackjack I never stated I disagree with homosexuality. Never. I support live your life as you see fit. I support LIBERTY and said over and over you live your life and I live mine. I don’t care what adults do in their bedrooms. Ding a ling ding…I am a Conservative LIBERTARIAN. Get IT. The LIBERTARIAN part. So STOP LYING. Saying you living your life is not saying a thing against homosexuality. Advocating for Liberty to adults living their life as they choose without govt meddling is not against homosexuals. Only a troubled mind would think so.

I even went as far to say the govt should get out of the marriage business which allows adults even more freedom because they no longer have to pay the govt for the honor of getting married. SEE I SAID ADULTS WHICH CAN BE MALE/MALE FEMALE/FEMALE MALE/FEMALE OR ANY OTHER GENDER VARITIATION.. Yes I am yelling because Blackjack you are lying because I reject your premise you assume wrongly then lie because you don’t want to admit you assume wrongly.

If you want to continue to engage in discussions with me fine. Your bullying tactics of slurring me with ugly accusations and lies won’t have me surrendering like weak Republicans supporting trump.

I see why this is called the wild west forum. Liberals are in the majority and seek to destroy any opposition