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Wow, a day and a half away and there have been happy dances and mic drops and Trump-like claims of winning–though winning what, I’ve no clue.

Its seems to me, Erika, that your contradictory statements on controversial issues (and books) are posted just to get a rise of people. One minute you say you’re not (homophobic, racist, etc.) yet then in your next post you say things that (the majority of posters here think) are wholly discriminatory and inflammatory. And as you have been evasive answering other posters who have asked questions [of you] that are relevant to BREXIT, I’ll have to agree with other posters that your opinions of UK politics/the Syrian refugee crisis do appear to be ill-informed.

My understanding of UK politics (which is an ocean removed from those who actually live there) is that I was born and raised in the UK–and I still have family who live across all parts of the UK, except Wales, and because of family I keep abreast of situations like BREXIT and how it will affect my relatives, and how it will affect Canada–a Commonwealth country–where I live.

And for the record, I did not call you a Nazi. Your words your views are, to me, reflective of how Nazism-Hilter came to power. There is a difference. I also posted an apology to ALL on the Wild West board a few days for allowing my emotions to hinder me from presenting a reasoned rebuttal to your comments that I see as bigoted, discriminatory and inflammatory. Which I see you have chosen to ignore. But that is your prerogative.

But once again, so there is no mistake in my meaning, I said “your comments.” For all I know you might be a living saint IRL, but YOUR WORDS, to me, reflect a bigoted, discriminatory and inflammatory ideology that I, and other posters, do not share.