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Anne Gresley
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RE the Express article Erika linked to:

The Daily Express is a tabloid which financially backs Ukip. Talk about a conflict of interest. Even taken on its own merit, it’s a strange article. Ukip are a far right party and therefore extremely unlikely to attract disaffected Labour voters who are much more likely to vote Lib Dem or Green, Disaffected Tories are much more likely to swing to Ukip. I’m not sure you can call Lib Dem a joke, given that they are the third most popular party and, prior to the most recent general election, running the country in a Tory/Lib Dem coalition government,

Cameron is considered the most right-wing Tory leader since Thatcher. I didn’t know about the anti-fascism thing but if I was on the right wing and aiming for the premiership, an anti-fascist stance would certainly help. Also I hasn’t heard about any Lib Dem sex scandals but then I don’t read the tabloids.